Travelling Nativity

In Advent 2005, nativity figures of Mary, Joseph and the donkey made a journey round family homes in the parish. Each night was spent in a different home. They started from Church on the first Sunday of Advent and returned there on Christmas Eve, visiting twenty seven homes on the way. In the picture they have arrived back in Church on Christmas Eve. The figures travelled from house to house each evening. A short service, supplied with the figures, was held in each house, led by the family that had hosted them the previous evening. After the service the new hosts supplied simple refreshments for everyone. Several families took the chance to invite others from their street or further afield to share in prayer and fellowship.

The box for the figures also contained everything needed for the service (advent candle, prayer sheets, etc) and some material for further reflection outside the service, if possible.

On the fourth Sunday, we put up a map in Church with the journey marked on and invited people to welcome Mary and Joseph back on Christmas Eve with a short service.

If you would like to organise the Travelling Nativity this Advent email the parish office.