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Opening for Mass

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Arranging a Baptism

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CAFOD Beirut Emergency Appeal

Fr John's word for today

Fr John's meditations on St William's Church

Fr John's Rosary

If you would like to be on the parish email list please send a request to the Parish Office. This is important for keeping in touch in the present circumstances

Cardinal Nichols (26 June) on returning to church for collective worship

Letter (25 June) from Archbishops on opening for collective worship.

Letter (9 June) from Bishop Ralph on opening for private prayer

Pastoral Note from Bishop Ralph for 3 May

Letter from the Bishops' Conference on 1st May 2020

Mass for those who have died.

Bishop Ralph celebrated Mass at 11am on Saturday 9th May in St Marie's Cathedral for all those who have died in the Diocese in recent weeks as a result of the virus and their families and friends: recording here.

Worship on Sunday whilst Mass is not available

General information about the Church and Covid 19