A funeral may be celebrated as a Funeral Mass or a Funeral Service.

Follow the links below to some useful materials to help you prepare your Mass or service.
Email for help with putting together your order of service..

Funeral Mass Liturgy

Funeral Mass Service Booklet Template (Word Doc)

Funeral Mass Service Booklet Template (Pdf)

Funeral Service Liturgy (Not a Mass)

Outline of the Service

Service Booklet Template (Word Doc)


Liturgy of the Word

First Readings and Psalms

Second Readings (optional)

Gospel Readings

Prayer of the faithful - Intercessions

A shorter Compilation of Readings, psalms and Gospel readings

If you are putting the text of the readings into your service booklet, please ensure you use the version of the readings given in the downloadable document.

This will be the version used in church.

For the funeral service the readings will be in a book on the lectern. It is a good idea for reader to have a look at the book before the service begins.

Music and hymns

Click here for the liturgy office hymn recommendations.

Click here for another short list of hymn.

Email the Parish Office for the words of the hymns as they appear in our parish hymnbook, to paste into your service booklet.

You may request for an organist to play at the funeral. There is a fee.

You may talk to the organist about any music needed for the service.

Other Help

Click here for a useful explanation from the Art of Dying Well website of what happens at a Catholic funeral.

Christian Symbols explained

Numerous symbols are employed in Catholic funerals. Here is what each one stand for:

Holy Water

A reminder of the deceased's membership in the the Body of Christ through Baptism.

Holy water is used to welcome the body into the church

and at the time of the final commendation.


Easter Candle

The Easter, or paschal candle, reminds Christians of Christ's presence among us.

Blessed each year at the Easter Vigil, the presence of the candle at the funeral also reminds the assembly of that night when, in hope, the Church anticipates Christ's resurrection.


A white cloth, called a pall, may be placed over the coffin. This is another reminder of baptism - when each of the baptised receives a white garment that signifies their dignity. The pall also symbolises that each person is equal in the eyes of an all-loving and merciful Father.

Book of Gospel or Bible

Christians model their lives on the Word of God and so it might be appropriate to place a Bible or Book of the Gospels on the coffin during the funeral Mass. It reminds the assembly of the deceased's fidelity to the Word in this life that leads them to newness of life in eternity.


A cross or crucifix may be placed on the coffin.

This reminds us of the primary Christian symbol

with which we were signed at baptism

and by which Christ redeemed the world

and won victory over sin and death.


Incense serves a twofold purpose in the funeral rites.

It is used as a symbol of our respect for the deceased's body,

which became a temple of the Holy Spirit in Baptism.

And it also represents the prayers of the assembly on their behalf,

rising to God's throne.

Liturgical Colour

The choice of colour is the celebrant's

but for the funeral of an adult the usual colour is purple/violet

which expresses Christian hope.

(also used in Advent and Lent )