Friends of the Holy Land

Supporting Christians in the Holy Land

The Friends of the Holy Land is a registered charity. Its objectives on behalf of the Christians in the Holy Land are:

To raise awareness of the challenges they experience

  • To encourage prayers to be offered for their intentions

  • To generate and channel financial resources to provide a sustainable future

  • To encourage visits to the Holy Land to meet with local Christians

FHL projects have included funding for a new candle making factory which provides work .

Repair to houses which were damaged during the last incursion into Bethlehem.

Distribution of food and clothes vouchers to the families of 490 children under 12 years old.

Distribution of blankets and heaters to the most needy in the Bethlehem district at Christmas.

St. William's FHL sell olive wood products which have been produced by craftsmen and women in Bethlehem . The Olive Wood Products organisation was established specifically to provide a source of income for them and their families.

If you wish to know more, please visit the FHL website at