Attending Mass

Our prayer and our intention is that you will feel as welcome and at home in St William’s as ever. Our arrangements are intended to keep us all as safe as possible.

Not everyone feels the same about the risks involved in mixing. Therefore, we have to communicate clearly what will happen and stick to it, so that people are not put into a situation they find uncomfortable.

You should not come to Church if you suspect you have Covid.

Arrangements for Sunday Mass in St William's.

These will change, as circumstances change and as we gain experience; we will keep this page up to date.

  1. We will continue to wear face coverings. These need to be on before you sanitise your hands.

  2. You can register your presence using the QR code at the entrance.

  3. You will be guided where to sit and, at the end, how to leave.

  4. If we reach capacity, no further people will be admitted for that Mass

  5. We will seat people with 1m distancing between households or groups of people attending together, except for those who arrive last when all 1m distanced seating is taken. The choir benches will be used only when all other seats are taken and will not operate with 1m distancing. From now on in this guidance, 'household' includes any group attending together. The basic rules in seating are : one household per bench, or two 'couples' at each end of the bench, or three single person households with one at each end of the bench and one in the middle. You can read a bit more about the seating arrangements here.

  6. No one should sit with anyone else without their express permission.

  7. You must follow the guidance of the stewards.

  8. As you arrive and leave, you should endeavour to observe 2m distancing of households.

  9. At Saturday/Sunday Mass, because of the number present, we need to leave in an organised way. Therefore the steward will say which aisle should leave next. However, if you want to stay and pray you may do so and you should then remain in your place until the congregation has left.

  10. Fr John will distribute Holy Communion in the hand only (under the form of bread) from the head of the centre aisle. The process is as follows.

    • Come up in single file in the centre aisle, keeping a respectful, Covid-aware, distance from others.

    • Remove your face covering before you get to Fr John, replace it as you go back to your place.

    • The central bank of pews (B/C) will go first, starting from the front , and returning by the side aisle.

    • The lectern bank of pews (D/E) will go second, starting from the front , and returning by the side aisle.

    • The stations bank of pews (A) will go third, starting from the front, going down the side aisle to come up the centre aisle, and then back across the front of the centre bank of pews and down the side aisle.

    • The choir pews (F) will go fourth, starting from the front, going down the side aisle to come up the centre aisle.

    • Finally, stewards will go to communion.

These arrangements are designed to avoid people returning from Communion having to navigate their way round those still coming out. Once we have enough people at Mass that we need two people distributing Communion these arrangements will change.

  1. The upstairs toilet will be open on an 'own-risk' basis. Sanitiser will be available and you should sanitise your hands on going in and on coming out.

  2. We hope that coming to Mass is as least as safe as going to a shop that is well-organised for Covid-security.

  3. Please arrive in good time..

  4. As well as the Masses in Church we will continue for now to provide Sunday Mass on Zoom. You need to email the office and ask to be put on the parish email list in order to receive the weekly link.

Arrangements for Weekday Mass in St William's.

All of the above apply also to Weekday Mass, except that people can come out to Communion as they wish, whilst maintaining distance.

National Guidelines

National Guidance from our Bishops on Communal Worship