Attending Mass

Important Note for Pentecost from the Bishops Conference of England and Wales

You should not come to Church if you suspect you have Covid.

Arrangements for Sunday Mass in St William's (May 2022).

  1. We may wear a face coverings.

  2. We continue to offer hand sanitising.

  3. We continue to keep the doors at the back of church wide open to assist air circulation.

  4. Fr John and one other minister will distribute Holy Communion in the hand only (under the form of bread) from the head of the centre aisle. They will stand either side of the head of the centre aisle. The process is as follows.

    • The organist and cantor may (or may not) go first.

    • Come up in two files in the centre aisle.

    • The people at the head of the centre aisle go to the minister for their queue to receive Holy Communion and make their way back to their place by going down the nearest side aisle (and then across the back of Church if necessary).

National Guidelines

National Guidance from our Bishops on Communal Worship