Covenant with the Poor

Covenant with the Poor 2021
At our annual meeting on Sunday 3rd October 2021 the following distribution of £5,033 was agreed.

* If Soup Run needs less it was agreed to send the balance to St Wilfrid's Centre.

View the meeting documents here.

Meeting Report

  • Our Covenant with the Poor is here.

  • Our Charitable Giving Guidelines are here.

Our Covenant with the Poor is renewed annually on World Day of the Poor, Sunday 14th November 2021.

Our Covenant with the Poor was first established at Pentecost 1998.

'We, the community of the Parish of St William, will seek to pursue a number of commitments in order to share in Christ's mission "to bring Good News to the poor", as we look forward to the Millennium and a celebration of 2,000 years since the birth of Christ. These commitments are a response to need and require that we give of our time and share our resources, in the spirit of the Jubilee, which in Biblical tradition, is a time of sharing and restoration. Our Covenant demands our prayer and will be reflected in the life of the Parish through worship and liturgical celebration.'

Additional Giving

The Parish sets aside 5% of offertory income or £5,000, whichever is the greater, to meet needs related to poverty. Parishioners are encouraged to propose charities, in line with our charitable giving guidelines, to receive funding from the 5%.


Annually at a Parish Meeting.

The distribution of the 5%/£5,000 is also decided upon.


Annually on World Day of the Poor.

Local Needs

    • ASSIST

    • Grace Food Bank

    • SVP

    • Soup Run

    • StopGap

    • St William's Lunch Club

    • Hallam Caring Service

    • St Wilfrid's Centre

    • Church Action on Poverty

    • Hallam Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission

    • Snowdrop Project

World Needs

    • CAFOD

    • Fairtrade

    • Friends of the Holy Land

    • Missio

    • Shared Interest

    • Link to Hope Christmas Shoebox Scheme

    • Pax Christi