Any couples wishing to get married in St William's should speak to Fr John or contact the Parish Office.

Preparing Your Marriage Service

Click here to find all you need to prepare your marriage service.

Alternatively there are lots of resources available on the Liturgy Office Site here.

Couples are also encouraged to consider one of the following preparation courses.

Marriage Preparation:

a six session course for engaged couples to prepare for the sacrament of marriage looking at listening, communication and other aspects of couple relationship.

Engaged Encounter

This is a weekend run by World-Wide Marriage Encounter to give engaged couples the opportunity to talk honestly about their future lives together. The emphasis is on communication and growth in the couple's relationship.

Marriage Encounter

Weekends are arranged regularly by World-Wide Marriage Encounter for married couples to enjoy a programme which enables them to examine and enrich their lives together.

More information about these courses can also be obtained by speaking to Fr John or contacting the Parish Office.