He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I live in him

Jn 6:56

Eucharist is one of the three sacraments of Christian initiation. It is the sacrament of Christ's Body and Blood instituted at the Last Supper. Celebrating the Eucharist involves invoking the blessing of the Holy Spirit upon Bread and Wine, and uttering the words of consecration said by Jesus at the Last Supper: "This is my body. This is the cup of my blood". At the consecration Christ himself becomes present truly really and substantially in the form of the consecrated bread and wine. Christ is present with his body, blood, soul and divinity. Eucharist occupies a special place amongst the seven sacraments as the 'Sacrament of sacraments' since it contains the whole goodness of the Church, namely Christ himself. Reception of Holy Communion leads to a closer union with the Lord, the remission of sin and strengthens the unity of the church

At Saint William's first communion is normally made in Y3 following a preparation course. Parents of older children and adults who wish to make their first communion should speak to the Parish Priest or contact the Parish Office.

Sunday Mass is celebrated at 5:30 on Saturday evening and 9:30 on Sunday morning.

More information about Mass times can be found here.

For exact information (particularly about Christmas and Easter), check the weekly bulletin.

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